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Practice Advisory Program

Designed to Assist Oncology Practices of All Sizes With Operational and Compliance Challenges

→ Clinic Efficiency
→ SWOT Analysis
→ Productivity
→ Marketing
→ Accounts Receivable
→ Human Resources

 Every practice is unique.

…So every aspect of our services (including pricing!) is always customizable to fit your needs as a practice and staff.

1. Compliance and Quality Programs

Proving that you provide value-based, quality care is the key to compliance with many of the regulatory rules oncology practices face today.

We will assist in attestation, documentation, applying for certifications, and implementing workflow improvements to meet these voluntary programs and mandated regulations (including HIPAA, QOPI, OCM, and MACRA).

2. Operational Analysis

We will provide an analysis for best practice of your clinical, infusion suite, and other patient care-related operational workflow effectiveness and efficiencies.

We can also assist in policy and procedure development and documentation where needed. Watch below to learn more.

3. Reimbursement & Financial Analysis

One of the most critical aspects of sustaining a financially viable practice is closely monitoring accounts receivable and understanding your practice’s overall financial fitness.

We will provide a detailed analysis of your billing and collection processes as well as a review of your financial sustainability.

4. Administrative Functions

There are many important components of running a professional oncology practice. We will review your human resource policies; organizational structure; provider credentialing; productivity and compensation; payer and vendor contracts; and other back office roles and processes.

5. Strategic Planning & Marketing

We will work with the practice owners and leadership to perform a SWOT analysis, develop realistic short-term and long-term practice goals, and analyze your market including competition and referral sources.

We can also provide physician business orientation for new partners including a discussion of basic finances, productivity, quality measures, oncology reimbursement, personal efficiencies, drug margin, and clinical pathways adherence.

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Meet your Consultant!

Kari A. Young, CPA
Kari Young

Kari’s professional experience includes 27 years in executive management positions with responsibility for policy development, strategic planning, organizational development, and technical execution.

For the past 20 years she has worked in healthcare, and the most recent twelve as the Executive Administrator and Chief Financial Officer of an oncology practice. Kari has also served on the Board of CHOP for seven years including two years as President and five years as Treasurer.

Kari lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico with her husband of 26 years, Dave, and their two children. Their son Trey is 17 and a junior in high school, and their daughter Lee, 20, is a sophomore at Northern Arizona University studying exercise science. In her free time, Kari enjoys cycling, reading, and travel.